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Company Meetings

We can provide a catering menu to fit your needs and then after your meeting, we have the perfect way to blow off some steam in a safe, exciting racing environment.

Surprise your crew for their next meeting with an experience that will create a buzz they will continue to talk about. After racing is complete, you can order a drink or open a tab from our bar to unwind.

Team Building Events

We know that it is hard to come up with exciting ideas to help build the morale of your staff and get them involved with the activity. Hey, this is Indy, the home of speed, so what better way to promote the team concept than racing!

Whether you have 8 drivers or 200 our sales staff can customize your event to meet your needs and for those team members that don’t wish to race they can watch all the action from our lobby observation deck elevated 12 feet off the track behind a glass wall. With our detailed scoring system displayed on our TV’s everyone will stay updated on the action that takes place out on the track.

Give our sales staff a call today at 317-566-0066 to create a thrilling, first-class racing experience for your group!

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