Private Events

Show your guest why Indianapolis is known as the racing capital of the world!

Fastimes showcases the intensity, speed and sophistication of European style karting. We invite you to experience first-hand the thrill of racing competition.

We can customize your event to create an exciting experience for the entire group.

  • Grand Prix & Endurance Racing
  • Buffet style catering & open tabs available 
  • Bi-level indoor 900 ft. track with speeds up to 40mph
  • Driving suits, helmets, neck brace, and balaclavas are provided
  • Professional emcee calling the highlights during your exclusive rental 
  • Conference room overlooking the track with audio/video equipment and WIFI

After the winner cruises the track in a victory lap, we'll send your group off with a podium awards presentation for the top three finishers. We adorn them with medallion type medals. However, this moment may be so memorable that you might want to upgrade your medals to our custom made IndyCar gear trophies. 


Racing Options

LeMans Team Event
Your group is divided into racing teams. Each team receives its own kart, and drivers alternate during scheduled pit stops. At the completion of the alloted time, the team with the most completed laps will be the winning team. 

Grand Prix Event
Each driver competes in multiple qualifying heats with the top drivers advancing to the semifinals. The top qualifiers in the semifinals will then advance to the Feature Race. 

Company Meetings

Pit Stop 1

Pit Stop 2