Junior Karting

Junior Karting

Does your kid want to be the next Marco Andretti or Danica Patrick?

Fastimes is the perfect place to introduce your child to motorsports!  Anyone that doesn't possess a license or permit, will be given a test lap to ensure they are comfortable behind the wheel. We'll then allow them to get the full experience racing among those they're accompanied by. For those grandparents, family friends, or teams looking to bring juniors without their parents we have our Junior Waiver available below. The Waiver must be signed by the juniors' parent and notarized. The parent is also welcome to email the signed waiver to us prior to the child's arrival. This will allow the parent to bypass the notary requirement. Please send all completed waivers, dated the actual date they will be participating to:  Mike@ftik.com 

Should you have any additional questions regarding stipulations for Juniors, please feel free to call 317.566.0066


Racing Hours

Mon-Fri: 11a - 10p / Sat: 11a - 6p /  Sun: 11a - 8p


  • One must be at least 53 inches to operate their own kart or at least 44 inches to ride along in our 2seater
  • Waiver must either be signed by the child's present parent, signed and notarized in advance or completed and emailed to us from the parent in order to be accompanied by a non-parent.
  • Juniors typically only race with whom accompanies them during junior racing hours. When we are busiest, to lessen the wait time, families may be combined during races.  

Junior Membership (Optional)

If you race more than four times a year, you could be saving money with a Membership

Please always call ahead to ensure we are open to the public or check our calendar for buyouts. 317.566.0066


Junior Kart

Junior Kart 2