Early Bird Special


Stop in, weekdays, for lunch and discounted races.

We offer $5 lunches, Monday - Friday 11am - 2pm.

Special Includes: 

Our signature Subs, Wraps, 10" Pizza and Chicken Tenders/Fries 

Add a drink for only $1

$15 races can be bundled with lunch ($22per race w/out lunch)

All additional races after the first (Mon-Fri), are $15 each until 5pm. 

Happy Leap Year


That extra day has really laid the ground work for a good time 

Allow us to keep the fun train in motion...

One day only, February 29th, 

4 Race GiftCards can be purchased for $40 each

NOT redeemable the date of purchase or sold online

Card never expires or devalues  

Fire & Safety Discount


For those of you noble men and women, out there ensuring our well-being, we see you. Please enjoy $15 races anytime we are open to the public, all year long. Please present your police, fire, 1st responder or military identification to relish in our appreciation.