Waiver Requirements


  • Anyone under 18 is unable to give consent/sign for themselves
  • A minor's parent is authorized to either sign in person or fill out the "Jr Waiver"  in advance and email it to mike@ftik.com 
  • The completed waiver must be sent from the parent's email and dated the actual date the junior intends to race.    
  • Participants must be at least 18yrs old to hit the track after 6 pm on Saturdays. 

Jr Waiver (pdf)


Under 18 Racing RULES

Here's what you need to know about Junior Racing

  • If you possess a license or permit, you're able to maneuver our 9 HP "adult" karts. All other juniors will still be tackling the same course, but in our 6 HP karts. 
  • One must be at least 53" (4'5") to operate their own kart.
  • Juniors may participate in racing anytime we are open to the public EXCEPT
    SATURDAYS after 6 pm
  • First-timers that don't possess a permit will be given a test lap to ensure they're comfortable behind the wheel.
  • Juniors may race with adults whom accompany them. On busy days, we might even combine families to reduce the wait time.

    *Please always call ahead to ensure we aren't closed for a private event.  
         ~  317-566-0066


Ride Along in our 2-seater


Togetherness never felt so good

Our Sodi 2-Seater is perfect for "Date Night", children, or disabled individuals to taste the thrill of real racing. The kart is equipped with a double steering wheel system that can be fixed or active. The driver can solely control the kart and/or the passenger could steer you in the right direction. 

Drivers must be at least 18 yrs old / Riders must be at least 44" tall

$30 per 8 min race / $27 per for members