Waiver Requirements


  • Anyone under 18 is unable to give consent/sign for themselves
  • A minor's parent is authorized to either sign in person or fill out the "Jr Waiver"  in advance and email it to mike@ftik.com 
  • The completed waiver must be sent from the parent's email and dated the actual date the junior intends to race.    
  • Participants without a license or permit may not race after 6 pm on Saturdays. 

Minor Waiver (pdf)


Under 18 Racing RULES

Here's what you need to know about Junior Racing

  • If you possess a license or permit, you're able to maneuver our 9 HP "adult" karts. All other juniors will still be tackling the same course, but in our 6 HP karts. 
  • One must be at least 53" (4'5") to operate their own kart.
  • Juniors may participate in racing anytime we are open to the public EXCEPT
    SATURDAYS after 6 pm unless they can provide a license or permit.
  • First-timers that don't possess a permit will be given a test lap to ensure they're comfortable behind the wheel.
  • Juniors may race with adults whom accompany them. On busy days, we might even combine families to reduce the wait time.
  • We're now celebrating what a treat it is to receive your permit/license and allowing those in possession to race amongst all other valid drivers during adult racing and Member's Night.

    *Please always call ahead to ensure we aren't closed for a private event.  
         ~  317-566-0066


Member Night Invitation

You've made the first step towards adulthood and deserve to be acknowledged. Post that selfie and live it up. When you're ready to put your skills to the test, we're hoping you confirm we're not crazy for allowing beginners the opportunity to join the elite.

Most Mondays from 6-9 pm, experienced drivers from all around come together to size up the competition. If you think you have what it takes, the cost is $50 per Member Night. 

Try not to embarrass yourself. 


Ride Along in our 2-seater


Togetherness never felt so good

Our Sodi 2-Seater is perfect for "Date Night", children, or disabled individuals to taste the thrill of real racing. The kart is equipped with a double steering wheel system that can be fixed or active. The driver can solely control the kart and/or the passenger could steer you in the right direction. 

Drivers must be at least 18 yrs old / Riders must be at least 44" tall

$30 per 8 min race / $27 per for members